Bharti Singh calls himself ‘India’s first pregnant announcer’, Colors hires two but pays one

Bharti Singh, a comedian and presenter, is proud to have worked during her pregnancy and calls herself ‘India’s first pregnant anchor’. She will co-host the new reality show Honorpass Desh Ki Show with her husband Harsh Limbachia. The comedian jokingly said that the channel puts three people to work but only pays two.

Colors has shared a video to show what happened behind the camera as Bharti prepares for the first day of shooting after announcing she is pregnant. It shows Bharti putting on her make-up and talking about how family members bullied her instead of congratulating her for working during her pregnancy. She talks about being warned by her family members about slipping, slipping or accidentally hitting someone. She promises to prove to her mother and all other mothers that working with anticipation is okay.

Her husband Harsh Limbachia also echoes the fear she had of working during pregnancy, but assures herself that everything will be fine after the first day of filming is over.

She is wearing a red jacket and her hair is tangled backwards and she jokingly says, “Mamma kam karenge, paisa kamayenge (Mum, we will work and make money)”. As she walks towards the set, she teases, “Colors are so smart, they make three people work, but only pay two.”

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Colors also shared the video with the cheering captain: “Honorbass k munch bur a rahe hi desh ke behle pregnant announcers. Apni Jeet Mehnath Se Bharti Badal Rahi Hai Pure Desh Ki Soch Ko. Kijiye salaam iss Naari ke jazbe ko aur dekhiye #Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 22nd January se, har Sat-Sun, raat 9 baje sirf #Colors par (Hunarbaaz is India’s first pregnant nation on stage. Changes Bharathi’s mood. Hello and see Honorpas Desh Ki Jan from January 22) ”

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