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New scenes from DC’s upcoming movie The Batman have finally revealed the unmasked appearance of Paul Dano’s iconic villain The Riddler. All the trailers and teasers that the film has released so far have shown Ridler from behind or behind his mask. Paul Dano, Edward Nashton or Riddler, plays a killer who terrorizes Gotham City. The clip was screened at a talk show on Wednesday night in the United States and shows an extended version of the scene previously filmed in the film’s trailer.

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The clip shows Ridler sitting in a coffee shop with the police arresting him. Police round up the killer and ask Jim Gordon (played by Jeffrey Wright) to surrender. Riddler raises his hands and turns, the audience looking at Paul Dano’s face for the first time.

Fans were divided over the revelation. Many people realized that this was not a big deal because people already knew how Paul was. “If this is a spoiler, I think we need to reconsider what people think of as a ‘spoiler,'” one fan tweeted. Others said it made no sense to reveal it on a TV show a few days before its release, as the film had kept Ridler’s face secret so far. Read a tweet saying “The mystery of his character needs to be exposed in theaters to put it in theaters. Stop revealing every important scene”.

This is not the first time Riddle has appeared in a Batman movie. Jim Carrey starred in the 1995 film Batman Forever, starring Wall Kilmer as Batman and Tommy Lee Jones as both faces. But the Riddler in this movie was dark and modeled on the real life serial killer.

Earlier, in an interview with Movie Maker, director Matt Reeves revealed that Riddler’s inspiration in the film was the infamous Zodiac killer. “The premise of the film is that Riddler is designed almost like a zodiac killer and kills the most important people in Gotham, and they are the pillars of society,” he said.

The Batman debuted as Robert Pattinson’s iconic superhero, starring Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis in the lead roles. Matt Reeves sees him in the first few years of filming a young Bruce Batman in the mantle. Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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