Barka Singh: Could not communicate with a baku, so I was transferred to the web | Internet series

The actor opens up about being one of the first few actors to jump on the digital bandwagon and how he was prevented from switching from TV to the web.

After Mujhse Dosti appeared in karaoke films! (2002) and Cooking: When Time Strikes (2003) As a child star, actor Barka Singh made his television debut. Talking about why his TV stint was reduced, he tells us, “I was making soaps where I played the perfect glue. But I was a 21 year old girl straight from college and at that time I could not be a Bahu. That’s when I wanted to switch to the digital space.

But she quickly adds, “I don’t want to look down on TV. I know it has its own audience and this medium has been entertaining the Indian audience for many years.

At a time when the web was in its infancy, Singh took a cry and decided to enter the digital world. “OTT heroes did not appear in the film then. Small Indian streaming sites publish home-made videos. It took me about nine months to stand in that spot because it was so different from the TV. I was one of the first to arrive when the tide came in, ”he recalled.

However, this change is not easy for a 29-year-old. The actor, who has been a part of web shows like Engineering Girls and Please Find Attached, reveals his departure from being involved in the digital world.

“There was a prejudice against internet content. If I told my acting directors that I like to do web content, they would be like Kyun Karna Hai … pina mudlap ke kissing scenes hota hai udar. I’m very related to web content and I do not understand why my age .Something told me it would take, it was over, ”Singh concludes.

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