Baban is ‘excited’ to resume international live shows after the Omigron wave

After a brief hiatus due to an increase in Omigron cases, singer-songwriter Babon has re-inserted the live music reel internationally. And he hopes the concert scene will soon return with more energy.

The Pulleya (Sultan2016) The hitmaker came to the stage in Dubai on March 5, and after the collapse he performed for the first time overseas.

“I performed in Bangladesh in the first week of December, just before the Omigron wave. This is my first time going international after the wave and I’m very excited to be back on stage, ”Baban tells us.

The 46-year-old, who has resumed live shows in the country, added, “Fortunately, we did some in India as well. The moment we were back on stage, we always knew we were never out. It is very difficult for us not to do it live ”.

Opening up about the need to go live, the 46-year-old says, “Even if you perform digitally, getting on stage for a live show is a different matter. People jumping in front of you with real blood, sweat and all the vibrations. Everything is so different. ”

That is why the singer believes that people are getting ready in large numbers in concert halls and ready to enjoy concerts. In fact, it will pave the way for the renaissance of the music industry.

“It simply came to our notice then. We will recover stronger than before. Because once everything lands on the ground, it is only upwards. As it goes up, it’s a kind of resurgence, it’s coming with more power, “he says.” People have lost entertainment for so long, and so have we as artists. Now, let’s try and do everything to create it. So in that process, we will appreciate and value it more, ”he signed.

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