Ayesha Zulka recalls how Salman Khan will not dance in the film: ‘I will go walking inside the frame. I will not dance ‘

Ayesha Zulka has said that she did not want to dance when Salman Khan co-starred in her first Hindi film Gurban in 1990. Before Gurban, Ayesha co-starred with Nagarjuna in the Telugu film Neti Siddhartha. Ayesha Zulka was talking on the reality show Cha Re Ka Ma Pa, where she appeared with another 90s star, Madhu.

Host Aditya Narayan had asked Ayesha to name the worst dancer among Salman, Ajay Devgan, Mithun Chakraborty, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar. Ayesha says, “I worked with Salman Khan on my first Hindi film Gurban. Jai Borade is our choreographer. So, Salman always said to Jai ‘I will be walking in the frame, entering the background, he (Aisha) will dance. I won. Don’t dance, no matter what small steps he takes , He was very vigilant. “

He added, “I am amazed and shocked by the way he dances now.”

When asked to select the most beautiful of the five actors, they named Ayesha as Salman and Madhu as Ajay. During the episode, Ayesha sang along with Aditya Narayan for her famous song Behla Nasha.

Ayesha read a letter for the joke of contestant Sharad Sharma on the show. Later, they joked about the famous bike stunt of Ajay Devgn’s debut film Phool Aur Kande. Sharad recreated the scene with hand carts instead of bikes.

A view of Sharat's stunt on the stage of Sa Re Ka Ma Ba.
A view of Sharat’s stunt on the stage of Sa Re Ka Ma Ba.

Another contestant, Ananya, sang Rukmini Rukmini, the popular song of Madhu, and the actor said that his soul felt awakened as those shows took him back to the old days.

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