Avneet in age difference with co-star Nawazuddin: Don’t see it as a problem | Bollywood

20-year-old actor Kangana Ranaut is making his acting debut with Nawazuddin Siddiqui opposite Dikku Vets Sheru.

Actor Avneet Kaur started his career at the age of eight in 2010 with the reality show Dance India Dance Le Masters. Aladdin – After starring in TV shows like Naam Do Suna Hoka and Chandra Nandini, he acted in cameo appearances in movies. , Kareeb Kareeb single (2017) and Mardani 2 (2019), she is now getting ready for her first film Dikku Vets Sheru as the heroine.

Directed by actor Kangana Ranaut, the film has been making noise for 27 years between its leading actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kaur. The 20-year-old admits to the conversations that take place about male actors falling in love with female actors half their age.

He tells us, “I don’t see the age difference between a male and female actor as a problem. This has happened in the past but the acting of the actors was appreciated. In fact, many such couples have received positive feedback. Kangana has already said that this is the need of the film and I agree with him.

Even before he started his career as a movie star, Kaur had a huge following on social media with 29.5 million followers. But unlike the popular notion, he feels that the number of followers of an actor is not enough for them to get a project.

“It took me three to four years to make a film. Am I not popular at the time? I think I was. Even if you get a project because of the number of people who follow you, it ultimately reduces your skills. I have been waiting to work on a film for a long time and I want to prove to the audience that I worked very hard. I want to tell them that I deserve opportunities because of my talent, ”Kaur concludes.

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