Ashneer Grover of Shark Tank India claims to have honestly traded millions of dollars

Ashneer Grover, co-founder of BharatPe, talks about life and his business ventures. In a new interview, Ashneer joked that he was not Shah Rukh Khan as people would have invited him to a commercial reality show called Shark Tank India.

In Shark Tank India, entrepreneurs present their business ideas to the ‘Sharks’ group, and they provide their investment and guidance in return for the share. The show aired on Sony Entertainment TV on weekdays for more than two months. Its first season ended on February 4, where Ashneer was one of the show’s ‘sharks’.

In an interview with Raj Shamani on Figuring Out, Ashneer added pride to his father’s honesty. He said, “I was doing a business. If you are dishonest even for a week, the competition will catch you. So a terrible honesty came from within to keep my team and investors honest. Most importantly, I have to be honest, otherwise the market will kill you.” Any business I do is a multi-billion dollar business, and it’s possible because you have some degree of honesty with all your stakeholders. “

He continued, “Now I was going to the show. I’m sitting here. Up mary koi shakal do shahruk khan wali hai nahi ki koi sirf shakal tek ke boleka hanji ‘pedo bayeto bai acha lak raha hai (I’m not please sit down, we like)). Be like Shahrukh Khan. I like Mary Koi Baridon Hai Ki Main Raha Han To Logo Ko Sunne Mae Khan Be Achcha Lake Raha Hai (I also have no Baridon. People like me talking. What is my value here? Why would anyone listen to what I say? If they are honest they will listen to me. ”

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Recently, Ashneer clashed with the BharatPe group following allegations that he had used abusive language and used fraudulent practices against Kotak Mahindra Bank employees. An audio clip was released on social media with Ashneer claiming that an employee missed the allotment during the initial public offering of FSN e-commerce ventures run by online fashion and healthcare company Nykaa. According to the news agency PTI, Ashneer was sent on a three-month leave. He said he was ‘hand twisted’ to go on leave by the company’s investors.

Shark Tank India’s team consisted of Vineeta Singh (sugar), Payush Bansal (lenscard), Anupam Mittal (, Namita Thapar (Emcure), Aman Gupta (Boat) and Kasal Alok (Mama Earth).

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