Ashneer Grover of Shark Tank bluntly tells Pitcher ‘Naugri Dhoon’ and Namitha Thapar asks him to be fine. See

In Friday’s episode of Shark Tank, Ashneer Grover was a little blunt with a pitcher, telling him to leave his business model and look for work.

Shark Ashneer Grover was his usual nudist in Friday’s episode of Shark Tank India. The founder of Bharat Bay, with a jug straight in his face, said that the business idea he was chasing was substandard and that he should invest his energy elsewhere.

Asked why a platform that could unite students and scholarship agencies could not support his business, Ashneer said, “The problem is simple. The problem is clear: you can not handle it. The reason behind it is simple.” , He explained how he could not use his own company to take students to the coding system through his scholarship program.

“Think for yourself first. If you can not solve your own problems, how do you solve them for others? Mareko lakta hai bai tu naugri toont. Tereko Behale Samjna Padeka Danda Hota Kaise Hai. Unicorn Panne Ke Liye Kood Gaya Tu. Nahi ho bega wer se. Sour de Isco. Apna be time wasted curra hai (I think you have to find a job for yourself. You have to figure out how to do business first. You left as a unicorn. You can not. Let it be so. You are wasting time), ”he told the frustrated competitor. Asneer rubbed the pitch, which went down as soon as the competitor arrived, saying that the company logo and title were the best.

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Her fellow shark, Namita Thapar was not so impressed with her tone. “Yaar ashneer, toda sa to sukarkottat bola karo (your words are a little sugar coat)” she said. “Ek question mujhe aap lok se poochna hai (I want to ask you all one thing). If we have the option, you can not measure it but yes, why not tell them (competitors) that you can manage a small or medium business? Direct pay gamma, naugri kar kya hota hai (why be so straightforward, look for a job or ask for a salary). ”But this time, the other sharks agreed that Ashneer was right. The way he handled the pitcher.

“Sometimes you fall in love with people by not treating them kindly. Aaj Agar Maine Hatka Tia Hai Usko, Ki Tere Se Nahi Ho Bega, Best Karma Kia Hai Iske Liye (If I had given him an ear today and told him he could not do it, that would have been the best thing I could have done. Him), ”Ashneer said. In the end, everyone agreed that the contestant would occasionally have to prove himself wrong.

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