Ashneer Grover complains of selling ICC T20 tickets for crores: Bharatpai Board thinks I am doing ’10×2, 10×2 ‘

Bharatpeh co-founder and shark tank judge Ashneer Grover has responded to recent reports of alleged misuse of funds. According to reports, Ashneer has pocketed huge sums of money by selling tickets for the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 for crores of rupees. He took to Twitter to share a picture of himself from the match and joked that he was there to prevent his friends (Bharatpay CEO Suhail Sameer and Sumeet Singh) from drinking too much. (Read more: Ashneer Grover from Shark Tank India shared a picture of the dining table. 1 crore: ‘not even 0.5%’)

“What I’m doing at the ICC World Cup is what the Bharat Board thinks ’10k2, 10k2, 10k2 – A Sahab Manga Hai Kya Ticket Black May (Want Tickets in Black) ?! ‘ What I really do is Suhail Sameer and the @ sumeetsingh29 hospitality section do not drink nonsense. Following that, comedian Ashish Sanchalani shared a skit on Shark Tank. “Board walo ye sub toglaban sodo aur ye teko (people on the board, stop this hypocrisy and look at this) – very creative and fun for everyone,” he wrote.

According to a report, Bharatpai was part of the ICC T20 World Cup and was given some places in the VIP category. But Ashneer sold about the seats He ‘pocketed’ the money by giving Rs 15,000 each.

In recent days, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Ashneer has accused the government of misusing funds. Employees have been complaining for a long time. In an audio recording posted anonymously on Twitter, a man who sounds like Ashneer’s voice threatens to kill a bank employee for not helping him get a stake in the hot initial public offering.

Ashneer quits startup Bharatbay said in a statement, “As a result of his misconduct, Mr. Grover is no longer an employee, founder or director of the company.”

Ashneer said the allegations against him stemmed from “personal hatred and humiliation”, including that he stole company money to finance a luxurious lifestyle. In a statement to Bloomberg, he added: “The only thing that is luxurious about me is my dreams and the ability to achieve them against all odds through hard work and company.”

Ashneer, one of the sharks in Shark Tank India and known for his strict, goofy personality, soon became one of the favorites on the show.

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