Arya had a heated argument with Popper and the pilot over his comedy and the actor was invited to the cockpit. See | Bollywood

Actor Arya Pupar, son of actor Raj Pupar, shared a video on Sunday in which the pilot of the plane asked him to go to the cockpit after he had joked. The video started with Arya greeting her fans while talking to her fans towards the cockpit.

When the pilot came out of the cabin, Arya Popper asked the pilot, “G sir bodaye (say yes sir)”. The pilot asked him, “Did you joke about us? No?” To which Arya replied, “Joke? I was joking with my friend.” Then the pilot said, “Yeh kia salayeka (how does he fly)?” He said he heard that. Rejecting the comment, Arya asked, “Boy ye abi aaye hai (is he coming now)?” Replied.

Arya asked if there was a problem with the joke, to which the pilot replied, “Ah, that’s not right” and the argument heated up. Then Arya asked, “Do you want to cross your power like this?” To which the pilot replied, “No, no power.” Arya also asked if he should get off the plane which the pilot told him not to. The actor then asked the pilot to come to Arya’s seat and talk to him if there was any problem, and said, “It will not go down easily, to be honest, it will not go down easily”.

When the pilot held out his hands Arya said, “I do not want to shake hands with you. You want to show your strength. I need to get up from my seat and come here and talk to you when you have trouble.”

Arya left the area saying ‘I will break as many jokes as I want’ as it was a personal joke with her friend. Arya captioned it, “Sensitive pilot. 8 g8.goair @gofirstairways Go Air imposes fines if people laugh”.

Later, Arya told the Times of India, “Perhaps the pilot may have asked. But I’m definitely not saying ‘Yeh kya salayeka (how does he fly)’. I turned to my friend – who is the son of an actor? ‘ Yahan Hain (is he there too)? ‘ This is the equivalent of saying ‘Yeh b hamare saat hi ha aa rahen hai (is he flying with us too?)’ We just got on the plane one by one, don’t you say things like this when coincidences like this happen? I had to tell it to my fellow passenger. He asked. “

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Arya added, “The flight attendant came and asked if I was the one who teased the pilot. The pilot said he wanted to talk to me. Initially I thought why should I go and tell him. I could come and meet him because I did not make any jokes. I do not want to cause any inconvenience to the passengers. You can see the rest in my Instagram video. “

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