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Actor and presenter Arjun Bijlani is going to be a part of various projects at some point.

Actor and presenter Arjun Bijlani becomes a part of various projects at some point.

“You can tell, I’m everywhere (laughs)! I give my best view on various sites and enjoy looking forward to exploring an interesting project. I never thought I could win a stunt show that tested me inside and out. Later, acting as a real life hero (NSG Commando Major S Unnikrishnan) was a tough call, but at the same time it made me totally proud to be an actor. Siege Status: 26/11 And Ishq Mein Marjavan Actor. “

Talking about taking a job at the height of the epidemic, Bijlani says, “After the first lockdown, it was in my head that I should go back to work – how long can one stay home without work. Being in such a business means you can’t work from home, except for bits and pieces. So, when I was invited to this show in South Africa, once I had to stay away from my family, because it was at the peak of the epidemic, I went to cup tak aise pythenge dar ke … pina. Com K Since then, a lot of work has started to happen, which gave me the fun of having to be a part of it.

Bijlani is currently hosting a talent show and he is back at OTT.

“I enjoy playing in a variety of genres, including reality shows. My fans are the ones who gave me the confidence to be on screen while starring in reality TV. But, down somewhere I wish I could be a fiction hero! So, my second OTT trip Ruhaniyat It is already streaming. It gave me a wonderful character portrayal. This is what I like about fiction – it brings a lot of thrill and expression.

The young actor has a strong Lucknow connection. “It’s so much love to be in this city, and I’m glad to be back after so many years, and the food here makes me want to come to town again and again.

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