Arjan Bajwa: The biggest benefit of OTT is that it transcends cultures and languages ​​| Internet series

According to actor Arjun Bajwa, the OTT world will stand strong even when the theatrical effects recede and the theatrical releases resume in full. The reason for that, he feels, is that digital streaming services are a “complete game changer.”

He goes on to say, “OTT definitely stays here and it has completely changed the game. Because now we can tell stories in a very different way. There are so many extraordinary, fantastic stories that can not be compiled into a two-hour film.

The actor, who was seen on a recent web show, Best sellerContinues, “This is now being told through a web series because you have so many chapters of content that you can show people.”

The 42-year-old feels optimistic that big screen releases and web content will be together in the future. “Like connecting cinema to home videos or satellite television. OTT will continue. But OTT brings you more benefits, ”he says.

When asked what distinguishes the Internet from other media, he replied, “The great advantage of OTT is that you can see things spread across languages, continents and cultures.”

Bajwa clarifies, “You can see everything being released simultaneously in the country and internationally. Cinema limits you in some way when it comes to things you can see. If you live in a big city, you can access other movies in Hollywood or any language. But that’s it. “

The Siege Status: 26/11 The actor is satisfied with the direction in which his life is moving as a result of his own merit and talent.

“Everything I have done to date is based on my hard work. I do not come from any cinematic background. I got the job based on my qualifications. But I still have miles to go. Now, I look forward to being a part of one of the biggest projects, ”he concludes.

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