Argo says that there is no originality in Bollywood music

Composer-singer Arko Bravo Mukherjee has lamented that Bollywood music is losing its original character in a competition to add more remixes and remakes to its playlist. He hopes this trend will change soon.

“Nowadays, even big films have remixes of old songs or some new Punjabi songs instead of the original ones. So, big pictures have to have original music. That’s what I feel, “says Argo,” the ratio has been very disturbed … Currently, there are more remake jobs and less original works when it comes to music. ”

That’s why he wants to change the trend and “see more original songs in our films”.

According to him, he works to preserve the originality of the music, and his compositions include songs like Nazm Nazm, Aaj Phir Tumbe Pyar Aya Hai, O Saathi, Tere Sang Yara and Parish, which prove it.

He discovered a silver lining in the epidemic, which gave him time to analyze how the course was changing. “The epidemic gave me a lot of stress. But it also gave me a lot of free time … to think, evaluate, and analyze (my work). Also compose, write, read, watch good movies, plan future endeavors and plan, ”the composer agrees.

So, what are his future plans? “I have been working on some films including Mission Majnu, Om, Gandhi Docs, Deth Pika Zameen. With that, I’ve been making several singles that are released every month. Last but not least, this year I will focus on content for my personal channel and connect with my listeners, ”he says.

He hopes the music industry will revive and restore its rhythm after suffering another recession due to the viral crisis. “The music industry is doing well now that a lot of content is being created without being collected. Live performances and concerts should start soon. Within this year, everything will be back to normal touchwood, ”the composer shared, recently releasing his first devotional song, Thea Jalao Ram Naam Ka.

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