Anushka Ranjan in her first Lohri with Aditya brand after marriage: We will do Bangra together | Bollywood

Actress Anushka Ranjan’s first Lohri to act after marriage should be grand. But due to the spread of the virus, she and her husband, actor Aditya Seal, changed their plan.

“The whole family can come together for Lohri. Aditya and I have always loved our loved ones. We will eat more and do Lohri Bangra. In fact, I’ve created a special playlist, ”Ranjan tells us.

Speaking about the plans before the increase in Govt-19 cases in the country, the 31-year-old partner said, “We have changed our plans and now there will be very few people in the celebration. If there is no infection, we usually call as often as we can. This year, however, there will only be close ones, and we will not be outside for long.

According to him, the perfect way to celebrate Lohri is to be with family, “cooking fantastic food, making pancras with loved ones and not gathering people”. Entering the confessional, he shares that “we actually make all the desserts, and there are very few ready-made products available to us.”

“I like winter but unfortunately, there is no cold winter in Mumbai. For me, Lohri instills in me a love and concern for nature and forces. Nature is cooperating with us,” he says, adding that the festival is about prosperity and bringing the rays of new hope further. It helps me to believe ”.

She says she is not worried about not having a big celebration. “The world is battling a deadly disease. We are in the middle of it. So, we have to make these changes and life goes on. At least we’re all healthy and well. Did.

As the country sees an increase in Govt-19 cases, he hopes the festival will bring good health to all. “I hope this epidemic will subside. It has been around for a long time and natural processes are being disturbed. It has not shown any signs of stopping. It is worrying. My prayers are that it will disappear and return to normal,” the actor said.

She concludes with a message to everyone, “Life is too short to hate and we must all get rid of it. We will come closer every day and be more empathetic. ”


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