Anusha Mani: ‘Item Songs’ is not my voice best it’s a good thing

Singer Anusha Mani became famous through her song Doha (Johnny Qatar; 2007). She continued it with such shortbusters Lehrin (Ayesha; 2010) and Gulabo (Shandar; 2016). But he has not been singing Hindi film songs lately. “It’s not like I’m seriously choosing not to work, but the songs that come my way are not exciting enough. We live in a world of remixes, remixes and entertainments. Has been affected a little bit, ”says the singer, who has been busy releasing indie music, including singles. Cyan More, Nafarmani AndHua Mera.

Mani adds that she is not interested in recording dance numbers because she ignores women: “I think my voice is not good for ‘item songs’. In a way it’s a good thing. Fortunately, I was not approached for them, otherwise I would have been in a bad place to reject them.

The singer, who is not associated with socially reactionary songs, cut short her decade-long collaboration with the Ferns Cream brand, who sings jingles a few years ago: “I decided to take a stand, not be a part of it. , Because I do not echo racism and racism [it stood for]. I know I do not directly affect people because they do not know who is singing the jingle, but my conscience dictates this decision.

Emphasizing the need for greater awareness today, Mani adds, “Music is a powerful medium that can influence people. Lyrics are used very loosely to refer to the beauty of the word ‘demanding.’ To.

If public figures accept the responsibility of choosing their preferences as a role model in the community, ask her, and the singer Zara Dil Ko Tham Lo (Dan 2; 2011) says, “I will not criticize those who do not necessarily take a stand. Maybe they are not experiencing something directly or they are feeling that their voice is not powerful enough. I’ve been like another person for a long time, what if I say no? ”

She continues, “After saying that, if a large number of people raise their voices, the noise will be big things. Some are ready to evolve and learn and do better. As for those who do not, I may not have that awareness at some point. I do not think it is fair to judge anyone.

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