Anupriya Goenka: OTT content and theatrical films are of the same importance to me | Internet series

Actress Anupriya Goenka has been a huge hit on the internet. Criminal Justice Department, Ashram And Asur – All his appearances on stage received good reviews. Success, however, means, for her, good work in all media. With a cover photo gallery Padmavat (2018) and War (2019), the big screen is equally important to her

“As an actor, OTT content and big screenplays are of paramount importance to me. I’m never focused on a medium, but I was interested in an energetic storyline. As long as a project excites me, as long as there are challenges, I can work with talented artists, wherever it goes, it I will do it. Regardless of the medium, I want to go further and experiment further, ”the 34-year-old insists.

What fascinated her on the OTT platforms was that they dare to explore topics that no movies have much of so far, with no restrictions. The actor adds, “These streaming sites have touched on many unusual and bold titles over the past year. I feel that the same trend will continue now, in which filmmakers and artists will be immersed in a different spectrum of Indian filmmaking by adopting a non-consensual approach.

But when it comes to content, how is the pay of female actors here compared to their male cast? Goenka says the imbalance still exists, but the situation is changing. The only way to do that is to write more powerful characters for women and get more women to work on different aspects of a project.

Personally, he feels it is time to diversify into different fields in the sequence of his work. “I will start singing this year… As an actor, there are two projects lined up for the year that I am most excited about. I hope that as an actor I will be challenged and work in roles that transcend boundaries. I love to act in sports drama, period drama and action based character. I want to constantly evolve and experiment. I hope to acquire new skills, ”Goenka said.

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