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Actor Annup Sonii, who dismissed the entire OTT vs Theaters debate, says the watch medium has a strong hold among audiences.

In every scenario of epidemic for the last two years, conversations about the relevance of cinemas in the OTT era have started and actor Annoop Soni has not forgiven this.

Rejecting the entire OTT vs Theaters debate, he says the watch medium has a strong hold among audiences.

“I have always felt that we Indians love entertainment. We enjoy the arts very much. That balance will always be there. We are a big country, with a lot of visitors with different tastes. Just because we have been plagued by this epidemic for so long does not mean that people will not watch the movie anymore. It is not fair to question the relevance of cinemas every time, ”he tells us.

Sony says cinema-watching culture will never be affected by roadblocks triggered by this epidemic.

“Cinemas offer a different spectrum. When you go to a theater and watch a movie, sit in a closed dark room and watch content that is bigger than life, it always is, ”he says.

But he quickly adds, “There will always be a balance. Nowadays people don’t go and watch movie and are busy in OTT. No media will be ignored. “

The 46-year-old has been playing with TV and movies and is now actively working in the streaming space.

Calling is the best phase of his acting career, and Sony shares that it took him a while to get here.

“Until you elevate yourself as an actor, we call it the market value of an actor. When you do a good job and your work is appreciated it increases over time. People know that Anoop is good and should try him more. It’s going slowly. I do not want to repeat my appearance. I try, so people feel very excited to see me, ”he concludes.

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