Anil Kapoor in 25 years of Judah: I said no at first, did it for the family, today I am so happy | Bollywood

Judoi, a 1997 hit film starring Anil Kapoor, Srivedi and Urmila Madonkar, was released on February 28 to great acclaim. Despite the unusual plot, the greedy wife (Sridevi) agrees to get her husband (Kapoor). By marrying another woman (Madonna) in exchange for money, the film won the hearts of the audience. Kapoor says he was initially reluctant to sign on for the film.

“I kept saying no to the film because I could not connect with my character. I was under a lot of pressure from the family and the family production company as we were going through financially difficult times after the failure of Roop Ki Rani Soron Ka Raja, ”he tells us.

It was only after watching Andy Garcia and McRyan’s When a Man Loves a Woman that he came to believe. Judah. “I’m glad I said yes, I had the intention to do this for the family,” says the actor, who feels 25 years after the film’s release is “very surreal”. “I was very happy to work with two talented women, Sridevi and Urmila. The way it worked was very different and had its own charm, ”he adds.

When he was sure about the film, didn’t people stop him from taking those unusual stories? The actor replied, ” பரிந்தா (1989), Easwar (1989), 1942: A love story (1994), Mr. India (1987), விராசத் (1997), Complaint (2000), AK vs. AK Now தார்– I will always try not to star in Run of the Mill films. I firmly believe that it is also a reason for my longevity.

In particular, what he still remembers from the filming of the song Han Mujhe Pyar Hua. “All I have to do is take off my sunglasses and put them on my jacket and look at Urmila. I do not know, there were no pockets in the jacket I was wearing, during the shoot I was looking for a place to rest my sunglasses, without a clue. The entire crew on set burst into laughter as the shot came to a close. It gives me great pleasure to look back on those days, ”laughs Kapoor.

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