Andrew Garfield, Charlie Cox’s ‘wall-facing’ secret lunch during the filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Although many actors returned last year for superhero blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home for amazing cameos, Marvel was able to prevent as many leaks as they could. The actors did their part by denying every rumor for almost two years.

But during the shooting, two of the toughest people almost slipped. In a recent interview, Charlie Cox – who turned out to be Matt Murdoch or Daredevil in the film – described how he and Spider-Man No. 3 Andrew Garfield accidentally gave it up once.

Andrew and Charlie have been friends since the early days. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Charlie said that they both decided to have lunch while filming the movie in Atlanta at the same time. “As we sat down, it seemed to both of us, ‘Oh, s ** d. If we filmed here together, it’s not a good sign.’ So we both sat facing the wall, ”said Charlie.

The actor said he hated lying about his cameo and denying it whenever it came, but did it as part of the job. “I hate to lie. But I do not really want to spoil it for anyone. My feeling is that if someone asks you, ‘I do not know … we have to wait and see’ it gives! It’s the reality! .I’m relieved it’s over, ”he added.

Charlie Marvel played Daredevil for three seasons in Daredevil, which aired on the Netflix and Limited Defenders series. Andrew, meanwhile, is the fi title of the Amazing Spider-Man series. Both actors have said in the past that it was an emotional moment to do their roles again for the film No Way Home.

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