Ananya Pandey expresses her ‘dramatic’ anguish at school: ‘People cheat, you slapped them’ | Bollywood

Ananya Pandey said that she felt ‘very superficially’ everything that her character Thea had in Kehran. In the film, Thea is engaged to Jain (Siddhant Chaturvedi), but he starts dating his cousin Alisha (Deepika Padukone).

In an interview, Ananya said she had never experienced a heart attack as intense as Thea and talked about her ‘dramatic’ breakdowns at school.

Speaking to Miss Malini, Ananya said, “I’m very young, but I’m depressed but not obvious … Like at school, when people cheat and slap them, it’s very dramatic. Everything has happened, but it is not so serious. Emotions and shares are not as high as Thea enjoys. “

“I think I felt everything she felt but very superficially for this film, I had to go very deep and face some embarrassing facts. But those weren’t really the things I handled that much,” he added.

Ananya recently shared a video of her character Thea and her ‘high credibility’ insight. Post it on Instagram and say, “Love is not what you say. Love what you do. Meet Thea – Part of My Heart #GehraiyaanOnPrime is out on February 11th.

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Kehriyan is directed by Shakun Bhadra and explores the complexities of modern relationships. In an earlier interview with the Hindustan Times, Ananya called him a ‘dream director’. Talking about his experience working with him, he said, “It was very realistic for me. It’s all I could dream of. We did a lot of workshops and readings.

Produced by Dharma Productions, Viacom 18 Studios and Jouska Films, Kehriyan will be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 11th.

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