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As daughter Ananya Pandey was trolled for her ensemble at a recent event, her father actor Chunky Pandey defended her and says she is ‘very beautiful’.

Actress Ananya Pandey was constantly trolled by Netizens for wearing a short red dress with a neckline and bralet top during her last released Kehriyan commercials. Now, she has once again caught the attention of trolls as she attends producer Apurva Mehta’s 50th birthday, dressed in a corset bodice suit with a split back to thigh. Some have compared her to social media mogul Urfi Javed, who is known for her risk-taking fashion sensibilities, while others have described Pandey’s attire as “disgusting”.

Ananya Pandey was recently trolled for her outfit at a party.
Ananya Pandey was recently trolled for her outfit at a party.

Speaking to us, her father, actor Chunky Pandey, said, “As parents we did not tell her what to wear and what not to wear. We raised our two daughters well and they are very sensible. Ananya is in the show business today and she needs to be sexy. She needs to put her best legs forward and dress.

Confirming how he thinks his daughter is “very beautiful”, he shares, “One thing I know for sure about my girls is that they have a certain kind of innocence. I hope they can wear anything and take it without looking indecent.”

Javani Johnman (2020) says that the actor was teased by his family for his clothing choices and added, “It is very common to laugh at what you are wearing. We should take these things as a compliment. If her dad is not worried, I think no one else should be worried.

He says the only way to deal with trolls is to laugh at their comments. “I tell Ananya, ‘At least people are discussing you, whether it’s good or bad.’

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