Anamika Trailer: Sunny Leone spies rudely on the action web series, viewers call it ‘Jason Bourne’s Chusty Copy’. See | Internet series

The trailer for Sunny Leone’s upcoming action-thriller web series Anamika was dropped on Tuesday. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the series stars Sunny as a spy and also stars Samir Soni, Sonnali Sehgal, Rahul Dev, Shehzad Sheikh and Ayas Khan. The trailer, which shows Sunny fighting with thugs and doing action scenes, captivated some fans, but others were surprised that the series was like so many Hollywood movies. (read more: Husband Daniel protects Sunny Leone against trolls who do not hold Nisha’s hand)

Trailer Sunny’s Anamika is planning to live a quiet life and get married. We see a government official (Rahul Dev) discovering her presence and explaining that she is ‘one of the best agents, she has gone wrong’. Because she knows so much about powerful people, the powers that be decide that she should be removed. The trailer kicks into high gear when it sees Anamika returning to her followers in a montage interspersed with action scenes and shootings.

Many fans responded positively to the trailer, praising Sunny’s new action incarnation. “You’re on fire this time, Sunny,” one wrote. However, many point out that the trailer bears a resemblance to many of Hollywood’s spy films, from the Salt to the Bourne series. One user commented, “Cheap (cheap) copy of Jason Bourne.” Another said, “Ye kiski copy hai.”

The eight-episode series will be streamed on MX Player from March 10. Commenting on the release, Sunny Leone said in a statement, “When I read Anamika’s script in the past, it was a type of action that I did not really explore. , I was amazed and excited to play this energetic character under the guidance of the very talented Vikram Bhatt. The way I trained for my character and the way I got involved with the cast as a whole was a great experience. I can not wait to see what the audience has to say about this series.

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