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When actor Amol Parashar started his journey on OTT platforms in 2016, it was an unknown territory. But the I feel like Ishq (2021) The actor is not afraid to take risks as he wants to explore new media and tell new stories.

“It’s not [OTT] The experiment was in the sense that many did not make long format stories. It was explored on a very small scale and then two or three people may have been doing it. What we felt then was that I think the audience does not care about where they are looking until they want to see what they see, ”he shares.

Talks about TripleThe 35-year-old says that a series that revolves around siblings, no Bollywood producer would support a story like this.

He says, “No sex, no love, no action, people were like kya bai behen ki story pana rahe ho. But the content of the OTTs helped to go beyond sex, romance and action.

Parashar who starred in OTT projects like Sardar Udham, cash And recently released, 36 farm houseHe says people are happy to try new things, whether they succeed or fail.

Delighted to see the wave change, he explains, “Behle aisa hota tha that they will only copy one formula. Now people are looking for different things to see. The audience is very vocal and very strong about their opinion. In the beginning, I was determined to try something new, but now I do not hesitate because I know there are people who are looking for innovation. Audiences have better opinions than critics. They are intelligent spectators and they want to be challenged and you will be challenged in return.

With this new appetite for new content, there is a lot to choose from as an actor, Parashar agrees.

“Idna sara com hai abi ki 80% jobs I have to say no. So choosing 20% ​​is very important because it will determine what your next two years will look like. This is an interesting pressure. I enjoy learning Ki Na Kaise Bolte Hai, ”he concludes.

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