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Actress Amna Sharif is back, this time not as the housewife of Kahi’s To Hoga TV show or as the sexy Zindagi K2’s sexy komolika, but as a guard on the third season of the web show Damaged. She is proud to co-lead a show with co-star Shreenu Barik and is delighted to have found a role that will challenge the cast within herself.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Amna opened up about what she sees as the choice of damages at the Hungama Play as her return vehicle and the plan to carry out additional work. Areas:

We can not see you on the screen. Why?

I recently did Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 (in 2020). I had deliberately retired for a while because I wanted to focus on my family life. Now you will see me more.

What made Damage say OK?

As soon as I heard the script I knew I was doing this. This is one of the roles I have always wanted to play. The opposite of what I have done so far. As an actor you have to be versatile and you have to shock the audience with your acting, which only brings something that is not in your comfort zone. This character is definitely not in my comfort zone. This is the complete opposite of who I am in my personal life. A lot of productions have gone into casting Rashmi (her character who was damaged).

What product was there?

My character is not only a tough cop, but also has shades of gray. I wanted to get the skin of the character, and did two workshops with my director, but worked on my own. Ten days before the shooting I was disconnected from my close social circle. I wanted to own. I saw a lot of interviews, documentaries about cops. I wanted to understand their habits, their body language, and how they behave in a particular way.

As a cop, there are a lot of scenes where I use a gun that I have never used in my life. My director Vikrant Sir gave me a gun to keep with me in my house before filming. When you are in a set, practice making it a part of your life so that it does not look unnatural when you have a gun, he said.

I have never misused Hindi in my life and that is why I proceeded to the workshop as I did not want the screen to be natural. As an actor, every day is like a learning experience for you. I have never acted in action scenes in my life and this character gave me that opportunity. It took me a lot to act in this character. I’ll be back home, but could not disconnect for a while with this character.

You became famous almost 19 years ago through Kahi’s Du Hoga. You go to the movies and then back to TV. Do you think there are some more perks on the small screen than the benefit of the big screen?

I feel lucky to have a place like OTT. To me, none of these media are different from each other. The way movies are shot may be different, but it requires working with different directors. It could be TV, movies or OTT. Over the years, I have experienced that if the content is good and the movement is good, it will take place with the audience. Audiences today are accepting and ready to see anything they can relate to or find good content.

Did you get married again in 2013 and went missing to have a baby, then came back with the Kauti Zindagi K2? Do you find it hard to come back every time you leave?

This is a difficult task for me. I experienced a lot of rejections after that because I took a long break. I retired so people thought I would no longer have a career. If I get married or have a baby I will no longer have a career. Unfortunately, there are still some sections of people who have the mentality that you can not go back to work because you are attached to certain things. The journey has not been easy for me. At its conclusion, it speaks for itself. If you have it, people will notice you and you will get the job. It worked for me.

Have you missed a big plan to get married?

Definitely. More than marriage, the tag that stuck with me was that I came from a television background – could I be part of a movie program or an OTT project. People believe in what we see in them, and they take us as an actor. I think we’ve been there.

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Are you looking for something specific?

It has to be the most challenging role I’ve ever done. I don’t want to work for it. I like to make plans that excite me, that I can feel I can do justice, and that I am ready to turn everything into a character. I also have my dream directors and I hope I get that opportunity to work with them.

How is life as a mother of a six-year-old child?

It’s beautiful, it’s the most beautiful journey of my life.

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