Amit Chad: A lot of hue and cry about remakes and adaptations, the audience did not give a damn | Internet series

Over the past few years, several web shows have become popular and produced subsequent seasons. Sacred Games, Asura, Insight Edge, Empress– There is a long list. Amit Chad played himself Breathe. And then played back in his role Breath: In the shadows. Season three is coming.

Was the copyright removal removed from the producers who came up with more original content and stories? Chad disagreed.

“There’s a lot of hue and cry about these things- remakes, even adaptations. I think the audience doesn’t care about it. You have a good story for them, solid acting, their thrill, fun, they’m okay,” he believes.

In fact, the content of different languages ​​is also increasingly accepted. Sath continues, “About Malayalam and Telugu films. There is a big world with different stories, different moods. OK there is nothing wrong. For me personally it is about right and wrong purpose, that is the main and basic. Why not make adaptations? If you think a particular language can do something better in the country and bring it to another part of the world … ”

According to the actor, it’s okay to change the design from a movie to a web series. “If you want to make a Malayalam film into an Indian film, why not? It’s about your intention. I have no problem passing stories and scripts. In fact, we are making it a 99% Pan Indian story, a well-received family film released in Bengali two years ago. Why not create and say it? I said yes, I want to make this film. ”

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