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Singer-actress Amika Shail, who has performed on shows like Balveer Returns, Uthan and Divya Trishti, considers it the right time to retire from TV and focus on other media.

The host of such shows is Amika Shail who has changed from a singer to an actress Balveer Returns, Uthan And Divine Thrushti He feels it is the right time to retire from TV and focus on other media.

“I do not like working with the boundaries that TV always brings. Because scripts are provided multiple times in one day, you have very little time to produce. At the same time, films and OTT give enough time to understand the character model and draw it the way you want it,” says the young actor. Lakshmi, Mirzapur2 And Chattis Aur Maina.

Citing Shail TV as a reason to leave, he said, “My journey as a singer and actor started from television, but after all these years, I think it’s time to take a short break from the iconic screen and renew myself as an artist. . It’s mainly about doing the work I want to try at this stage of my career. Movies and web series give me a wide canvas and good time.

Speaking about her early days, the singer-actor, who got the opportunity to act because of her singing, said, “I came to Mumbai to get interested in singing and first tried it by participating in reality shows. I ran into music studios and sang the demo song until I got the background song for the film. Wedding anniversary (2017) followed by several singles. I learned about a project that was looking for an actor who could sing, which also made me think that strengthening my life might be an option I really need.

Currently, in Uttarakhand, he is on OTT with series like Shail after Lockdowns Trapped, Hi Thoupa Even more so. “I was very happy in the mountains during the shooting for my next film with Hiriday V Shetty Mussoorie Boys. Our first schedule took place in Mussoorie, followed by another in Dehradun. Life there is so different — there is no rush or rat race to prove itself. I like the simple life that such cities offer. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

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