American singer Cake Wyatt is pregnant with her 11th child, fans suggest signing up for a reality show

American singer KK Wyatt has announced that she is expecting her 11th child.

The R&B singer revealed on her social media accounts over the weekend that she is expecting another child with her husband Zacharia David Taring, whom she married in 2018. The 39-year-old shared the news with pictures of a special photoshoot. He showed his children, including his stepfather, who was wearing “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” T-shirts, while he was wearing one that read ‘Baby Loading’. Her husband also wore a customized t-shirt that read, “Here we go again #LASTONE.”

Wyatt captioned the pictures on Instagram, saying, “My husband Zachariah David Daring and I are proud to announce that our family will be adding” Plus 1 “to Wyatt Punch! Our other daughter கிடைக்க 0fficial.kaylaaaa is not available for the picture. Baby11 #TrustingGod #BabyDarring #TheWyattBunch #Family #KekesKids. ” The daughter he mentions missing on that occasion is Michaela, the daughter of her second husband, whom she considers her own.

The sexy song hitmaker also shared pictures of a maternity shoot in which she showed off her baby bump in a flowing red gown. She had her belly adorned with henna tattoos for the photoshoot.

KK has been a mother since 2000 and will have her ninth child in 2020. His first three children, Kiwer Wyatt Morton, 21; Rahja K Morton, 20; And Ke’Tarah Victoria Morton, 13, with her first husband Rahmat Morton. They both had another daughter when they were together, but their fourth child died and was born. He shares four children from his relationship with Michael Ford- Ke’mar von Ford, 11; Wyatt Michael Ford, 9; K’yoshi Bella Ford, 6; And Kendall Miguel Ford, 4.

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In his third and current marriage to Daring he has one child, Keria David Daring, 2.

Social media users were shocked by Wyatt’s announcement and there were some hilarious reactions to it. “Baby, you always get the award for strong uterus,” one fan wrote on Instagram, while another asked the singer, “How do you sleep with those babies?”

“Congratulations Poo … No one will mess with your kids at school,” wrote a third person.

Many fans asked the musician to get his own reality show “for the big family”. One said, “I want to watch a reality show following your life as a mom / celebrity. TV Gold”, and another added the hashtag #YouHeardItHereFirst, “Now it’s going to be an interesting family reality show.”

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