Aman Gupta mocks Ashneer Grover, tells Namita Thapar that other sharks are ‘lots of dogs’: ‘Don’t be too friendly’

Namitha Thapar praises the costumes of her various Shark Tank India competitors and shares a funny collection like Aman Gupta following him. “Original meme, my brother @boatxaman … what memories … I missed you in this panel!” He headlined his Instagram post.

Aman dug up his fellow ‘shark’ Ashneer Grover with his comment: “Hihi. Brother, please do not be too friendly with other sharks. I can tell you that they are full of ‘Doglaban’. The line became food for many memes.

Aman Gupta comments on Namita Thapar's post.
Aman Gupta comments on Namita Thapar’s post.

Currently, Namitha (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Aman (co-founder and CEO of boAt) and Ashneer (co-founder and managing director of BharatPe) are seen as investors or ‘sharks’ in Shark Tank India. Other ‘sharks’ include Vineeta Singh (CEO and co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics), Phoush Bansal (CEO and co-founder of Lenscart), Ghazal Alak (co-founder of Mamarth) and Anupam Mittal (founder and CEO of Shaadi).

Shark Tank India is a group of ‘sharks’ listening to the bits of emerging entrepreneurs and investing in their businesses. It airs on Sony Entertainment TV at 9pm on weekdays.

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Sharks will be appearing on the Kapil Sharma show this Sunday and viewers will see their mild side. An advertising show host Kapil Sharma said their joint net worth 1,07,625 crore and joked about how the country’s GDP (GDP) would fall if someone broke into the show’s sets and smuggled them.

In another ad, Kapil said that Booshi’s net worth is $ 5 billion ( 37,500 crore). Aman pulls Pyush’s leg and jokes, “Yeh Tod Pareshan Hai. Apne Iski Net Worth Todi Com Bada Di (He was a little worried because the amount you mentioned is less than his actual net worth) ”

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