AM Thuras: People understand the charm of good poetry

After the success of the songs Jab Cyan And Muskurahat Inside கங்குபாய் கத்தியவாடி, Songwriter AM Thuras is a happy man. UPite praises his composer-director and singers for doing justice to his poetry and for making it appealing to music lovers.

The songwriter from Muzaffarpur says, “Because Sanjayji (Leela Bhansali) has a better understanding of poetry, my best works went to him. Therefore, the thought process for him is very deep. Aur phir woh jo roohdaari aur theraav se (ஆன்மா மற்றும் சிந்தனையுடன்) usey sangeet main pirote hein then மந்திரம் நடக்கும் – ஆயத், Tera Zigra, Gujarish And Ek Dil Ek John. And, above all, he shoots them well, so their attraction multiplies manifold.

Has written for 45 films so far.

“When I write for others, many do not accept it or it can be very difficult for them. If the music is loud, use my lyrics or use someone else’s lyrics, the words are not important. If poetry is to shine, the soul is paramount in music. Importantly, it applies to the music itself.The lyrics, the composition and the balance of the song make a song a success!

Duras is pleased that filmmakers now understand the importance of good lyrics.

“Filmmakers are beginning to understand my poetry and the depth of my work, so music lovers will listen to good poetry in my songs. My latest solo songs Dil Sahte Ho And Kushi Jab P Teri Both the songs sung by Jupin Nauti were very good and got over 125 million hits, ”he says.

Praising the listeners for praising the good work, he said, “People understand the power of good poetry. In the end, it is in the hands of the audience to appreciate the good work that gives us the strength to do better. Also, now that the lip sync level is disappearing, people are experimenting more and more.

He thinks that instead of fitting heavy Urdu words, things should be kept simple. “Shayari kayal ka naam hai, wo shapton ki mohtaj nahin hai (Poetry is another name for fiction, it does not need to express words). Sadran Sapton May Baat Kahi Ja Shakti Hai. ”

Commenting on his upcoming project, he said, “Upcoming films Mission Majnu And Om: The Battle Within. Besides, I want to bring a book but it takes a year or two. Until then, the Mushairayas I have performed in India and abroad have been helping to take my work to the masses.

Thuras feels missed on social media presence but is happy. “Artists who are more focused on their work miss a lot of things – I have to look out for things like social media right now! I do not have my own YouTube channel yet. Kabi na kabi! ”

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