Allu Arjun Pushpa directs mode, cheating South Indian cinema in new video; ‘Don’t forget your roots,’ says the fan

In a new advertisement, Telugu star Allu Arjun is seen bending his acting prowess and fooling South Indian cinema, while airing his character in his latest release Pushpa: The Rice.

In an ad posted on Twitter by food delivery company Zomato, Allu Arjun can be seen fighting with several thugs in a mall. When he punches one of the cartridges, he begins to fall into slow motion. When he falls down, the thug calls Allu Arjun a bunny and asks him in Telugu to drop him fast. Allu Arjun responded, “Southern cinema. This is how we do it” about the high-octane action scenes commonly seen in South Indian films.

This time, the thug replied that he longed for Kongura Mutton and that the restaurants would close by the time he hit the ground running in slow motion. Allu Arjun flashes his phone and says in Telugu, “Kongura Mutton or something, Jomoto is for you”.

At the end, he quotes Pushpa’s famous line, “Do not be discouraged, Taktale (when your heart desires, do not settle for it), the signature Pushpa makes a hand gesture.

While many fans praised the ad, some still offended the Telugu actor and mocked the slow-motion element seen in the action scenes of South Indian cinema. “Do not forget your roots, Mr. Allu Arjun,” one fan responded to the video, while another said, “This is an insult to South Indian cinema.” Some expressed their anger at Zomato – a Netizen comment: “I am uninstalling the app on my phone right now. Your latest advertisement denigrates South Indian cinema.

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Allu Arjun was last seen on screen in Pushpa: The Rise starring Rashmika Mandana and Fahadh Baz. The film earned It grossed Rs 335 crore at the box office and became the most successful Indian film of 2021. Only the Hindi-dubbed version of the film did well. Fifth South film to cross Rs 100 crore.

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