Alka Kaushal: I am ready to take on one of the most challenging in OTT soon

In a career spanning more than three decades in the entertainment industry, actor-producer Alka Kaushal thinks that a few more attempts and opportunities could have made things better for him.

“Looking back, I’m amazed at how these 30 years have passed in an instant. But I’m worried that a little more planning, looking for opportunities and going the extra mile in terms of effort could have changed things a lot for me,” says The. Kubool Hai, Bajrangi Baijan And Queen Actor.

Kushal adds, “Aur todi mehnat ki hoti do aaj mein kahi ki kahi hoti உங்கள் When you are young your thought process and feelings will be completely different from what happens later. But, thinking about it now is useless, so it is good to look forward to it.

Kaushal recalled the controversial advertisement while talking about projects that had kept him busy for the past two years.

The versatile actor recalled, “I took a lot of projects and finished them too. Also, ads came towards me. I will always consider ads in my favorite projects, but God knows how my ad for a famous jewelry brand hit the wrong chords and got into big controversy. It hurt all of us because it was planned and filmed with good intentions. I was badly trolled. I have already played such a role in my previous TV diary. The funny thing is, I was also questioned for my identity, but as it says negative advertising is still advertising! I did not let that incident affect my mood and I am very positive and loving.

Kaushal expressed his happiness and gratitude for being able to control the virus. “I do not know how this happened, but somehow managed to avoid the virus. I would like to add that I have been very cautious over the years and have not dropped the code protocol. The good thing is, I’ve been working across locks, but I’m still safe (laughs).

For now, Kaushal is eagerly waiting to do something on OTT soon. “Currently, I am playing a very different character on the show Moss Sal Kie Jaye This is a realistic character that brings to the fore the patriarchal side of our society. Also, as things get back on track I am ready to take on OTT or one of the most challenging of films soon.

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