Alia Kashyap Celebrates Holi With Boyfriend Shane Gregory And PFF Kushi Kapoor, Fans Call It ‘Star-Kids Ki Holi’ | Bollywood

Alia Kashyap has shared a couple of pictures of her Holi celebration on Instagram. Her boyfriend Shane Gregory and close friends Kushi Kapoor and Alavia Jaffrey were also seen in the photos.

Alia Kashyap, daughter of Anurag Kashyap, has shared photos of her Holi celebration on Instagram. In the pictures, Alia was seen posing with her boyfriend Shane Gregory, Bonnie Kapoor’s daughter Kushi Kapoor and their other friends. Alia often shares photos and videos with Shane on Instagram and her YouTube channel. (read more: Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia Kashyap shares ‘her pie-bye dinner’ photo with boyfriend Shane Gregory.)

Alia, who posted the pictures, wrote, “Happy Holy.” In the first photo, you can see Alia posing with Shane and Kushi. In another he can be seen hugging Alavia Jaffrey, the daughter of Javed Jaffrey.

One fan commented on the photo as “Star Kids Ki Holi”. Another said, “Shane’s first Holi celebration.” When a fan asks, “Where is this? You will be so beautiful, ”many greeted him with“ Happy Holi ”in the comments section.

Last year, Alia talked about meeting Shane through a dating processor. Alia said on her YouTube blog, “I swiped him first. In Hing, you have to swipe them and then there’s a similar section to see who liked you. Then, you can like them again. Or ignore them. So he liked me, we talked.”

“I made the first move. Two months after we met, I’m God. I was waiting for him to kiss me, but it was as if he did not do it because I think he did not know if I was comfortable with it or whatever, so I went into it,” he said. Added.

Alia’s father Anurag once said in an interview to NDTV that he would not release him in movies because he is an “urban kid” and he is a “street” guy. But he was told to learn acting. “She’s an adult, she has to choose, but of course she has to learn. She can not get up one day and say ‘I want to be an actor’.”

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