Alia Bhatt says her father Mahesh Bhatt says international people will be very impressed by Ganguly Kathiawadi | Bollywood

Alia Bhatt’s upcoming film Ganguly Kathiawadi is set to be screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Alia has now shared what her father Mahesh Bhatt thinks about the film.

Alia Ganguly plays the owner of a gruesome brothel in Kathiawadi and a married woman. In the trailer of the film he made headlines for his belief in Ganguly and is also talked about for his role as Karpa in the song Dolita.

Ganguly Kathiawadi is Alia’s third film at the Berlin Film Festival. Talking about the importance of being screened at an international film festival, Alia told Film Companion, “Every time you go to this festival, you feel like you’re taking your film abroad. The film has an Indian story and will captivate everyone. I truly believe that Ganguly has that energy, and that is the story.

He added, “Even when I saw the film, it was like ‘the international crowd who saw this film would be very impressed.’ It happened before we had any idea about Berlin, and it worked.

Earlier, Mahesh Bhatt shared his reaction to the Ganguly Katiyawadi trailer released last week. He told ETimes, “Alia Ganguly stands out because she did not design herself as a model.” He said in a message to her, “How are you. Do not for a moment try to be different from what you are. Only then will you begin to share your ‘scent’.

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Everyone from Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif to Anushka Sharma have praised Alia’s performance in the film’s trailer. Alia’s actor boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor responded by doing ‘Gangubai’ style namaste in front of the paparazzi.

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