Alia Bhatt recalls ‘shaking’ in father Mahesh Bhatt’s office before acting debut: ‘Emran Hashmi was also there’

As Alia Bhatt prepares to make her debut as a filmmaker after a decade in the film industry, she looks back on the tension she felt before making her acting debut.

Ganguly, a Katiyawadi actor, stood in the office of his father Mahesh Bhatt before his Student of the Year (2012) and reflected on how far his life has come. He told Mid-Day that his cousin actor Imran Hashmi was also present when his filmmaker father tried to calm his nerves.

“Before the best student of the year [2012]I went to my father [Mahesh Bhatt] Office, trembling [in fear] That I can not act. He had told me then that I would feel this in every film. Imran [Hashmi] I just sat there and mostly agreed with my father, “she explained.

The 28-year-old added that while people see acting as an “attractive job”, it is also difficult to “put yourself out there and be valued by people”. He noted the need for “focus on purpose” in such situations, and that his intention was to “make good films” while preparing for his debut as a producer.

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Alia, who made her debut in production with the dark comedy Darling about mother-daughter relationship starring herself and Shepali Shaw, said she plans to develop new skills through her production company Eternal Sunshine Productions. The Rossi star, who plans to invest the next few years of his career as a filmmaker, hopes to support new talents.

“When I got my first chance, I was young. Let the world know I bought my way [into the industry]But it came to me after an audition and I will never forget the gratitude [I felt]. I want to create that opportunity not only for actors, but also for young writers and directors. The industry will only thrive if we bring new voices into our stories, ”he said.

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