Ali Merchant, the husband of lock-up contestant Sarah Khan, recalled meeting her recently: ‘He created a very different face’ | Internet series

Ali Merchant, the ex-husband of lock-up contestant Sarah Khan, said she met him at a party recently but the meeting did not take place. He said the “boys near her” tried to intimidate him after he greeted her. (Read also: Sayisha Shinde says ‘there was a woman inside who had sex with a homosexual’)

Ali and Sarah were married in 2010 at Big Boss. However, they separated two months later.

Asked if he had met Sarah after the divorce, Ali told the Times of India, “Yes, indeed, recently. We clashed with each other at a party. I greeted her. But she showed a very different face. I came back to me. The manager left it as it was.” I saw the boys trying to intimidate me. I went to them and said, ‘Do nothing, I do not want to do anything to upset you. Of course, I can not be intimidated by them. I do live performances in the presence of ten to twenty thousand people. “

Ali added that he would like to attend Kangana Ranaut’s reality show if given the chance. He also said that if Sarah talked about herself on the show, she was sure he would have enough answers to calm everyone down.

Ali entered as the Big Boss guest when Sarah was a contestant. When Ali Big Boss came out of the house to marry Sarah, his parents said they were married two years ago, in 2008. The couple also allegedly received money from the channel to get married on the show.

Ali denied all the allegations and told the Hindustan Times in 2010, “Why do we have to remarry? However, two years later, on the Sach Ka Samna show, he said that he got married for publicity and that marrying Sarah Khan in Bigg Boss 4 was the biggest mistake of his life.

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