Akshay Oberoi: I do not care much but we need to get rid of them | Internet series

In recent times, actor Akshay Oberoi has been working mainly in the digital space. With such programs IIt’s not so simple, exam day, test case, flesh, illegal and inner tip Under his belt, the actor says he has no fear of being branded.

He tells us, “I don’t care about being branded, who cares about that? When people ask me if I only do OTT, I do not know if that makes sense. In fact, we need to remove the labels. This (labeling the actors) is very tiring and a waste of time. It stops people. Often even an actor working in television should not be branded as one. You work as an actor. I have no fear. ”

It was this fearlessness that led him to make some interesting and bold choices based on his plans at OTT.

“In the last year alone, I have played a lawyer, a cricketer, a close person and a romantic boy in the 1980s. If I had been scared, I would not have done half the work I did. I would not have starred in Taj Flesh,It is the role of a bisexual person who is the owner of a drug and addictive sex trade. I play so many different roles that people can not label me, ”he asserts.

The 37-year-old feels that although his work is mostly for the internet, as an actor, he can explore OTT and big screen projects simultaneously. Two of the films he has released this year are coming to theaters.

“One can do both. One can switch between the internet and movies (now) and it has become (it) much easier than in the past. I hope people get rid of things like this. In Western countries people do movies, TV and digital work … the greatest of actors work in everything. I was never ashamed of this. It didn’t bother me even though I was thinking of sleepless nights. I do not care what media it is in, ”he concludes.

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