Aindrita Ray: Unlike Bollywood, Kannada can make great movies on a very small budget.

Since entering the film industry in 2007, Aindrita Ray has made a name for herself in Kannada cinema. For that, the actor says that I am grateful to be a part of this industry that continues to make good cinema on all kinds of budgets.

“The thing about Kannada films is that even small budget films can see big profits. For example, a 4 crore can watch the movie 50 crore profit. Something I don’t watch much in Hindi (in the film industry). In Bollywood, it has to be big. Kannada film industry is the only industry that produces great cinema on a very small budget. ” Love is zero (2021) Actor.

The 36-year-old feels that “despite the small industry, due to the widespread success of the KFG series, it (Kannada cinema) has become much bigger now”. He adds that the arrival of new talent has added value to the industry over the years.

He explains, “A lot of young directors and young talents have come. They are well-educated and well-informed, and they have brought about a change in the industry.”

Recalling his own journey in the film industry, Ray was introduced by Meravanike (2008), He tells us, “I lived in Bangalore all my life and grew up there. I started in Hindi commercials. Then I was approached by talented directors in Kannada cinema and I was comfortable in that zone.

The actor says that her husband is part of the Digantum industry and is looking forward to two films including hers. திமையா & திமையா, In which the two have worked together.

“We have a great lineup in 2022. I think we did our best and proved ourselves as a screen couple. We played Manasare (2009) and it was a huge success. The audience wants to see us together, we are their favorite couple. We only chose one film if the script was good, ”concludes Ray, who will also be seen in filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s film. Cold.

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