Ahsas Sanna: My problem as a teenager was getting a little addicted to attention | Internet series

Ahsas Channa was four years old when he started acting and has been a part of the industry ever since. But growing up in Showbiz had its own challenges, and she admits she noticed it after she became a teenager.

“My problem when I was a teenager was trying to be different to be trustworthy, a little addicted to attention, and to stand alone and get the most out of it – but I think the mistakes I made as a teenager helped me grow as a person. I am here today, ”Channa admitted.

He adds, “I think I’m more comfortable with who I am now, trying to be as real as possible. I do not care too much about the brand of the products I own or how I dress or look beyond a point.

Now, she realizes, “When I was a teenager, I was in very high care, relatively low maintenance.” “I don’t want to change anything about my teenage years, so I tell my teenage self to progress and make those mistakes because it will help her find things and grow on her skin. The actor, who made his debut with the film Vastu Shastra (2004), says:

She has acted in films like Kabhi Alvita Na Kehna (2006), My Friend Ganesh (2007), Funk (2008) and TV shows like Devon Ke Dev … Mahadev, Oye Jassi and Fana.

Looking back on his childhood days, the 22-year-old admits, “I had a slightly different childhood since I started acting at a very young age. (But) my childhood was cold … I think I’m very lucky to have a mix of ‘normal’ yet different childhoods “.

However, anxiety is something she constantly struggles with, and constantly checks her impulses. “For a long time, I did not know if I was nervous – or if what I was feeling was related to anxiety, so I did not have a specific way to deal with it. I talk to my mom, who is very supportive, but I’m still trying to figure out what motivates me, it’s a journey, ”the actor shares. .

“I was so inspired to hear people speak so boldly about these issues – I try to include my own experiences in their relevant contexts and then let their stories come … I feel like I hear different people tell different stories. This is something that is necessary in today’s world,” he concludes.

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