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Actor Ashas Channa plays a student again. But this time, in a very different setting. In the beginning, his new show Jugadistan was not as easy as he had done before. Later, the actor plays a journalism student amidst campus politics and fraud. The 22-year-old drew himself to the show for the Hindustan Times, talking about the juggling of his own life and how far he has come from his child artist days. (Read more: Kota Factory actor Ahsas Channa recalls how he ‘forgot’ himself by profession: ‘Other women outnumbered me’)

In its summary, the show talks about how Jukat ruled those years on campus. Ahsas admits to having used many jugglers in her own life and reveals something that gets her into trouble. “The biggest juggling I’ve ever done is lying to my mom about where I’m going. I have a very strict mom. For example, if I go to meet my college boyfriend, I tell my friends to be on a conference call or I’ll click pictures with them and send them to my mom and sneak out to see him. I hope Mom doesn’t read this because I still do it, ”he says with a laugh.

Ahsas Sanna plays a journalism student in Jugadistan.
Ahsas Sanna plays a journalism student in Jugadistan.

Jugadistan is set in an imaginary university modeled on the University of Delhi and Ahsas plays a young journalism student. The actor says that it was the seriousness of his character that drew him towards the show. “It’s one of the biggest reasons I chose to do this show. It’s the same universe. Yes, it’s set in college, but it’s completely different. It’s also explored the dark side of college life. It’s entertaining, and a lot more important things are being talked about, ”he tells us.

But he, who has starred as a student in several productions over the years, is not worried about getting a typecast? Ahsas replied, “Honestly, this is another reason why I do not pretend to be a student. I have already done typecast. But Jugadistan is a step towards overcoming that genre. Playing as a student is not very difficult, because I was a student until two years ago. I’m playing somewhere. You’ll find 30% Ahsas in each character. “

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Before she entered college classrooms on screen, Ahsas was a prolific child artist. In fact, he played many little boys in his early roles in Kabi Alvida Na Kehna including Shah Rukh Khan’s son. Every once in a while, memes come in comparing his appearance as a boy in some pictures with his latest sexy pictures from Instagram. Ahsas is a fan of such memes. “I think it’s funny,” he says, “I think it keeps me relevant and trending. It’s very hard to trend on social websites once every two or three months. It’s so good that people make memes about me. Some people know. I’ll get followers. So, it’s a win – win.

Directed by Agarsh Khurana and Adar Khurana, Jugadistan stars Sumeet Vyas, Arjun Mathur, Parampratha Chatterjee, Rukshar Dillon, Taruk Raina and Gopal Dutt among others. The show will be streamed on Lionscate Play starting Friday, March 4th.

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