Ahana Kumra: Many times, my male colleagues get paid more than me | Internet series

Actress Ahana Kumra feels that pay inequality is beginning to find its way into the OTT space, and she admits that there are times when she earns far less than her men.

“Mujhe Lakta Hai OTT World Main Be Pe Pariti Ka Bahut Hi Pechita Mamla Hokaya Hai. Because I know my boyfriends are paid many times more than me, ”Kumra said.

He started calling events related to pay inequality: “Although it was strange to me, I went to them (the show producers) and asked, ‘Why is he (a male co-star) getting paid so much? Is he a better actor than me? ”

Discrimination is surprising to Kumra because he carved out a career in it before he became famous in the OTT space and the others joined the group.

The actor who starred in such projects Inside Edge, which took place in Hong Kong, Marcy, Beatle, always made sandwiches And Call my agent Says, I’m not going to snatch my career achievements like this. Because I think I have had a glorious career in OTT, and I have done more work than most of my men. I think I was one of the first few to do anything on the digital site. But lok nahi de hi bay utna, I feel there is a huge pay gap.

The 37-year-old insists the vacuum “really needs to be bridged.” That is why he has begun to express his displeasure about this. “I’m starting to say no, I’m going to say to them, ‘If it’s not given me this money, I’m not doing it.’

However, Kumra did not let his mind wander because he insisted that he would continue to fight for his wage rights and hoped that he could fix it himself in some way.

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