Ahana Kumra buys her first house in Mumbai: I did not say no to projects because I wanted to save | Internet series

The actor talks about revealing his long-held dream of one day owning a home in the city; Kovid also talks about not doing any filming to be with his mother who was diagnosed with 19 and recently admitted to the hospital.

Actress Ahana Kumra recently bought a house in a Mumbai suburb, which she says is a huge achievement. Speaking about how he always expresses it, he said, “Having a house in Mumbai is a big deal. For the past six years, I have been taking rugs and showpieces to my own home (before purchasing) whenever I go for a shoot.

Kumra says he has cut his spending to make his dream come true. “I do not go out because I want to save money. I did everything I could, including paying EMI to get a house. In the last few years, I did not say no to a project. Fortunately, all of that has become a big deal for me,” he says, adding that buying a car and vacation home is next to him. Says the big goal.

The 37-year-old says her parents are “over the moon” and now she’s been able to achieve her dream and they are going to go with her: “I’m always been around them. I’m not a big guy with friends. In fact, I love vacations with my family.”

Aside from the new property that keeps her busy, Call My Agent: Bollywood actor Kovit-19 spent last month caring for his mother who was hospitalized with the disease. “I was in Aishmugam Dargah in Kashmir when my sister told me to let my mother in. I started screaming completely and crying inside the dargah,” Kumra recalled, “When I came back to Mumbai I had a depression. Mentally affected.But God heard my prayers and she is fine now.

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