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A few days ago, it was rumored that actor Ahan Shetty is getting married to girlfriend, costume designer and influencer Tania Shrapnel this year. But Shetty says there is no truth in that story. “Now, my main focus is on my work, I’m working on my second film. When I feel like I have something to say about my personal life, I’m not going to hide it,” he shares.

Ask him quizzes if news of his love life bothers him, and he openly says, “No, because that’s something I brought to light. I did not hide anything from anyone; I was very honest. Having said that, sometimes, it’s not fair to have articles like this coming out, but you can not control it.

But the 26-year-old actor quickly adds that his equation with Shroff has never been affected by speculation. “We know and understand each other and what we say to each other. If a third person says something that affects us, we should question the relationship we have. We are very comfortable with each other. I believe that communication is the most important aspect of a relationship.” He describes.

Shetty, who made his acting debut through Tadap (2021), has received accolades from industry heavyweights like Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal. As he puts it, “It was a wonderful feeling. What more can you ask for? Some big names from all over India released the trailer and teaser and said good things about it when the film came out. The love I received for my performance in the film was incredible. I did not expect such an answer. This came as a bit of a surprise to me. It was surreal. I am very happy that everyone enjoyed the film. ”

So, how did his family react to his introduction? “My family was very happy and proud of me. They have seen the work I have done over the last few years. They were happy to finally see everything coming together and the love and appreciation I received from everyone, ”the actor shares.

However, Shetty did not want to be satisfied. “In every film I would say I have to prove myself. I don’t take it for granted, but I want to be on my toes constantly. I like to challenge myself because it makes me uncomfortable. I want to push myself a little more into each film. I do not want to be satisfied and happy. I want to give 150% to everything I do, maybe 10-15 years later, I can tell myself I’ve come, ”he concludes.

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