After Toby Maguire at No Way Home, Kirsten Dunst says her Spider-Man character Mary Jane’s MCU debut ‘could happen’ | Hollywood

Last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Home movie featured three leading figures from the Spider-Man movie series, but none of the leading ladies – except Gentia. The film saw various versions of Spider-Man from face-to-face encounters with villains from Multiverse. But the story was structured in such a way that the female characters in those films did not come across. However, in a recent interview, Kirsten Dunst, who starred in the first three Spider-Man films, mentioned that she still has a chance to feature in MCU. (Read more: Andrew Garfield has no plans to play Spider-Man again, but no one believes him: ‘Everyone is going to call me a liar’)

Kirsten starred as Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s girlfriend, in Sam Rimi’s Spider-Man films from 2002-2007, starring Toby Maguire. Many fans wanted to see Mary Jane on MCU as the female lead character in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man series (Gwen Stacey starring Emma Stone) has died.

Kirsten spoke to Deadline recently about this. “There’s still time. I mean, listen, no one asked me anything, but I think so … I mean, there are so many universes going on. I do not … it seems to me that it can. It will happen,” she said.

Toby and Andrew both returned to play their versions of Spider-Man at Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as several villains in the two series. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $ 1.7 billion at the box office.

Kirsten last appeared on screen last year in the critically acclaimed film The Power of the Dog. She was nominated for an Oscar for the first time for her performance in the film. She also received the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

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