After teaming up with Ekta Kapoor for Lock Up, Kangana Ranaut says she is not anti-relationship: ‘He is not part of a bullying gang’ | Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut has shared a video clip of one of her interviews in which she spoke in support of Ekta Kapoor and said that she has no problem with Nepotism.

Kangana Ranaut has shared a video clip in response to criticism for collaborating with Ekta Kapoor for the Lock Up show, while speaking out against her own bond. Video clip of Kangana Ranaut speaking in support of Ekta in an interview.

Kangana shared the video on her Instagram stories, first shared by one of her fan pages. In the video, he told the interviewer, “Love has never been a problem for me. There has been a problem with outsiders because of the relationship. There is a difference. If you do your job quietly, there is no problem. But you say it. Pop dada ki jaga hai (these are outsiders, they should not be here because it is the place of our ancestors), is it not wrong? Ekta has never been a part of the mob, I promise you.

Ekta Kapoor is directing Kangana Ranaut’s first reality show Lock Up. Many of these controversial celebrities will be behind bars, where they will face many problems.

In one ad, the actor can be seen walking through the prison with several inmates in the rooms on each side. He warns in Hindi, “There are two kinds of people in the world- those who like me and others are B-grade fighters who speak ill of me and are in the news. These haters registered an FIR against me to drown out my voice. And my life has become a 24×7 reality show. But now it’s my turn. “

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He shared the promo with the same title, “Mera Jail Hai Aisa, Na Saleki Baigiri Na Baba Ka Paisa! (My prison is not Daddy’s money or mischief).”

The show will start streaming on Alt Balaji and MX Player on February 27th.

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