Adivi Chash: The film was made like Bhagwati to make people realize that South Indian films are not only popular on TV.

As the attitude of the people towards South Indian cinema is changing, actor Adivi Chesh is happy to be starring next in the multi-language Major film.

Actor Adivi Chash is all set to act in several languages ​​next MajorIt is gratifying that the attitude of the people towards South Indian cinema is changing.

I agree that this is a happy period for Indian cinema in general, especially after the success Pushpa In the North, he says, “It has to do with the emotions we have as actors and filmmakers. We say things that are ambitious. The visitors here love us. Especially over the last few years, I have noticed that there is a bit of negativity when it comes to how viewers view the major films in Mumbai and how they look.

The 36-year-old took a picture like this பாகுபலி We need to break all the stereotypes about regional movies. “We needed SS Rajamouli’s film to realize the Hamari films of Surf TV channel Bay Nahi Salt. Seven to eight Telugu or Tamil language films in the top 10 Hindi films on TV every year. It was only a matter of time before it was translated into theaters. But with that being said, Major is a film I made and I need to realize that people are watching this real story in their own language, ”Sash tells us.

Asking the actor if he wants to act in full-fledged Hindi films, he says it makes no difference what field you work in.

Pushpa Has done extraordinary business. I got a couple more pictures on screen Major. The attitude of the audience is different compared to the industry. When the general public responds when doing business, technically it has to be different. It started பாகுபலிThen KGF, Then came the courage of people like me to say ‘let’s sit in Hyderabad and make a Hindi film’. We have never had the courage before, ”he says.

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