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Recently, Adil Hussain’s tweet “Speaking the truth softly” led many to view director Vivek Agnihotri’s film as a pitfall. Kashmir Files. And the actor says he was surprised by this mess.

“I am not shocked by the response to my tweet. But I wondered where I went wrong, “said Hussein.

He wrote on his Twitter account, “Speak the truth! No doubt about it. But speak softly. Otherwise the purpose of speaking the truth loses its charm. And the impact is reactive. We want to develop. Art should not be a reaction, ”he was subsequently brutally trolled.

He insists, “I realized this was a very wrong timing tweet. In fact, not only on Twitter, I have never seen anything in my life go wrong.

Looking back at what led to the post, the actor reveals, “I was having an intellectual discussion with someone about what art is, and it led to the post. But to this day when I have not seen the film, everyone thought it was about the film. People believe what they want but it is not directed to the movie. One must understand the purpose of this post.

The English Vinglish (2012) and Bell Bottom (2019) The actor took two days to respond to the trolls and clarify his position.

“When I was involved in filming, I also wanted to respond [to what was being claimed] And not just the reaction. I hope you respond without reacting. In fact, a lot of people define acting as reaction, but acting has elements of intent or thinking about it, “he says.” The response did not come from the shipping contract, but big. “

Gaining philosophy, he explains, “It comes from a big (place). Whenever we are angry, irritated or irritated, we are less so. When we are adults, we are quiet. That is the place to respond to something. That’s why I took the time to clarify my position. After all, I was thrilled with everything.

In the midst of all this, it does not matter if Hussein is misjudged. “Because everyone was misunderstood, I, my friends. I also sometimes misunderstand certain things. There is nothing shocking in this, the main thing is to carry the whole purpose. It’s about a conversation, ”he concludes.

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