Ada Khan’s reluctance to do bold content is what pushed OTT out of the web series

Actor Ada Khan shares that he has approached himself for several OTT projects in the last few years after the OTT boom.

Although the Internet has redefined the entertainment landscape in the country, there is still a section of artists and viewers who think that digital content is just used for titling. Actor Ada Khan is one of them.

In fact, she says [bold content] Precisely the reason why she stayed away from the stage so long.

“I always wanted to do something on the web that you could sit and watch with your family. I was a little skeptical of making bold shots and bold content. I’m not ready for that, because that’s what first happened on the web some time ago, ”shares Khan, who recently made his digital debut. சுப் மங்கள் மெய் தங்கல், A family comedy series.

The 32-year-old reveals that he has approached himself for several OTT projects in the past few years after the OTT boom. “But I had to reject all of them because I was not comfortable with such content,” he adds.

Khan considers such content to give the stage a bad name, but is now relieved that it has all changed.

“Now it’s not, so I’m comfortable doing a lot of OTT work. Initially I was not sure,” he adds.

The actor, who works even more in television, shares that his decision to work in digital media does not mean saying goodbye to the iconic screen.

“It’s not a change for me. I still love my TV viewers. But the only thing on TV is that we’ve been doing the same role for years. At OTT, the shows are episodic and it’s exciting because I finished that role after that show as an actor. .It was a different experience for me, ”says Khan, who will soon be seen in two more web series.

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