Abilash Thapli warns people not to take Kovit disease lightly: it twists you mentally and physically | Internet series

Activist actor Abilash Thapiyal, who recently tested positive for Govind-19, says his mother is worried about him as he is not in Delhi.

Actor-RJ Abilash Thabli has given a positive test to Kovit-19 and he shared that it was a terrible experience for him.

“I thought the virus wasn’t that powerful, but I was wrong,” he says and talks about his symptoms. “I feel weak, the first two days were very hard. I could not stand properly. I had physical pain and trembling knees. It would have completely twisted you mentally and physically. For the last two days I have not been able to focus much. Now I have a fever. No cough or body aches.

The survivor says he worries for himself because his mother is in Delhi. “She is nervous and scared. She calls me every two hours, ”he adds.

The Interested The actor says this is the first time in the last two years that he has been diagnosed with Govt-19.

“I thought I was invincible (laughs). I could not understand how it got there. I did not leave. I was recently in Delhi for my father’s Parsi (day of death). I came back and went once to a nearby restaurant. It was only me and my wife. , We have not met anyone, ”he explains.

The actor mentions that due to the high awareness of the situation and the virus, the fear f]phase is gone.

“Fortunately, you know how to deal with it, who to call, what’s happening, what can be done. You know the basics of do’s and don’ts. Isliye koi kabrahat nahi hai,” he says.

The fugitive is now looking forward to getting back on his feet and resuming the shooting of his acting projects.

“When we were filming enthusiasts, we had to retire because the cast came to Kovit and we had to start again a month later. Now I’m shooting fodder, but I had to take a break so I could heal now. We have to live with it now, ”he concludes.

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