Abhishek Bachchan’s reply to a troll who joked that even an actor would not believe him if the opportunity arose Bollywood

Actor Abhishek Bachchan has responded to a Twitter user who tried to troll him. The user shared a meme about Abhishek’s life on screen and used the person’s autobiography to respond to his attack. read more: Abhishek Bachchan has given a majestic response to a troll who called him a ‘beautiful wife’ and ‘good at anything’ actor.

The meme, which is based on a still from Sanjay Mishra’s phone call in the 2018 Kamyaab movie, has Abhishek’s face pasted on the actor’s face. In the attached speech, he said, “When Abhishek gets a call for a film from any director. Aren’t you kidding me? “

In response, Abhishek teasingly wrote, “Hey man! Your autobiography ‘Whatever you are …. be good’ is very true …. you are true !!!”

Fans of the actor supported him in the comments and said that they have full confidence in his acting ability. “You are very mature and big-minded. Never lose these qualities. Never forget the 5 good acting challenge. Bob Biswas is done. 4 Go,” one wrote, while another commented on why people like him should focus. We all know how great you are as an actor.

Abhishek Bachchan often retaliates against critics on social media. Most recently, he responded when actor-filmmaker Kamal Rashid tried to troll Khan in Hindi cinema. Abhishek, who tweeted last month praising the Malayalam film Vashi, had joked, “Boy Kabhi of Bollywood Wale B Koi is an incredible film Pana Dena (Brother, you Bollywood people have to make an incredible film some day).”

Responding to the trolling, Abhishek tweeted, “Priyas Karenge. Apne palm the na ….. traitor (we will try. Did you not create traitor).”

On another occasion, a Twitter user suggested that Abhishek was getting the job only because of his heredity, and the actor responded to it. “Afko nahi lakta ke apko filmon me com sirf Amitabh Bachchan ke beete hone ki waja se milta hai (Don’t you think you can get a job only because you are Amitabh Bachchan’s son)?” The person asked Abhishek, to which the actor replied, “Kash jo aap ke rahe hote sach hota. Sochiye, Kidna com Milda Muje. (I want what you say to be true. Imagine how much work I can get).

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