Abhay Deol recreates the Oscar drama of Will Smith and Chris Rock, saying ‘he would have turned the corner’. See | Bollywood

Abhay Deol has shared a funny boomerang video to show how Will Smith recreated the much-talked-about Oscar drama when Chris Rock hit the stage. The video shows a woman slapping Abaya, who then makes a shocked face to the camera. Despite Will Smith apologizing to Chris Rock via Instagram post, the Oscar incident continues to make headlines. read more: Jim Carrey questioned Will Smith’s standing up and praising him at the Oscars: ‘I was sick, I would have sued him for $ 200 million’

Abhay, who shared the video, said, “@itsanitarani tells me about the Oscars. If I had known what was coming I would have stood up and turned the corner! ” It shows Abhay and his friend sitting side by side. As he bends over to show the shocked face to the camera his friend suddenly slaps him and she gets up from her seat.

One fan responded to the video by saying, “Oh know!” One may be a monument. “Another commented,” Short and crisp. “

Comedian Chris Rock, who was a presenter at the Oscars, slapped his wife Jada Pinkett after he made fun of her. Jada suffers from alopecia, so he shaves his head. Chris joked that he would love to see him in the sequel to the GI Jane movie starring Demi Moore as the bald girl.

Abhay made his Bollywood debut in 2005 with the film Socha Na Tha. He has acted in films like Ek Salis Ki Lost Local, Dev.D, Oye Lucky. Lucky Oye !, Zindagi Na Mileki Dobra, Ranjana and Happy Bagh Jayaki.

Speaking about the evolution of his entire journey in Bollywood, he once said in an interview to ANI, “I have now become more expressive as an individual. I’m less affected by things, and I think it’s a privilege to be from a film family. Not all children in the film family are vulnerable. I’m suffering in hell now ‘, I do not think any foreigner can feel that way. I have now learned to look at my offers.

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